Our Tours

August, 2024

Wader Spectacular
25th Aug 2024

September, 2024

Autumn Migration
15th Sep 2024
Autumn Migration & Wader Spectacular
20th Sep -
22nd Sep 2024

October, 2024

Autumn Migration
17th Oct -
20th Oct 2024

November, 2024

Late Autumn Tour
1st Nov -
3rd Nov 2024
Late Autumn Tour
9th Nov 2024
The Gambia – Birding the Smiling Coast
15th Nov -
22nd Nov 2024

December, 2024

Early Winter Tour
29th Nov -
1st Dec 2024

January, 2025

Winter Wildfowl, Cranes & Owls
6th Jan -
9th Jan 2025
Winter Weekend
25th Jan -
26th Jan 2025

February, 2025

Thailand – Forktails, Flycatchers & Spoon-billed Sandpiper
3rd Feb -
21st Feb 2025

March, 2025

Winter Birds, Brecks & Goshawks
28th Feb -
2nd Mar 2025
Sri Lanka – The Gem of South Asia
6th Mar -
21st Mar 2025

April, 2025

Scotland – Highlands & Coasts
30th Mar -
6th Apr 2025
Extremadura – Land of the Conquistadors
9th Apr -
15th Apr 2025
Spring Migration
18th Apr -
20th Apr 2025
Nightingales & Spring in the Fens
26th Apr 2025

May, 2025

Spring Migration
1st May -
4th May 2025

June, 2025

Romania – The Danube Delta & Dobrogea Plain
27th May -
3rd Jun 2025
Early Summer Tour & Nightjar Evening
13th Jun -
15th Jun 2025

July, 2025

Summer Tour & Nightjar Evening
11th Jul -
13th Jul 2025
Bearded Tit

Customised Bird Tours

The Bird ID Company can also offer private, customised tours for specialist days tailored to suit your needs.

Customised tours can be arranged for single clients, couples or larger private groups, for just one day or longer if required. If you are interested in a date when we are not offering a scheduled group tour, we would be happy to look into the possibility of arranging a tour for you, subject to our availability.

You can read more about our Cutomised Tours here.

For more details, please contact us.

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to give a gift to someone who is interested in birds then a gift voucher from The Bird ID Company is an ideal present.

The vouchers can be flexible, and used against any tour or tours over the following 12 months, or can be bought for a specific tour.

Some of our Recent Tours

Here are just a few of the recent and stunning images, shot on our wide range of UK and International Bird Tours.